EXPLAINED: Financial Advisory

Determining an optimal financial structure and plan are significant requirements for a company’s operation, long term health and, therefore, success.  KCP’s corporate financial advisors are noted for their creativity and effectiveness in finding and securing capital to assist in the growth and/or recovery of numerous organizations. The professionals at KCP have led hundreds of transactions, totaling billions of dollars. Your KCP team will apply in-depth knowledge to craft a viable financial plan to seek and secure the best and immediate source of capital for your company’s unique situation.

KCP financial advisory professionals will:

  • Identify your financial requirements
  • Evaluate current assets and liabilities to assess opportunities to improve the capital structure
  • Prepare and/or validate business plans
  • Assist in finding and negotiating sources of permanent or transitional capital
  • Increase the likelihood for gaining lender commitment
  • Increase the strength of client’s negotiating through multiple lead generation
  • Guide your company through the investor/lender due diligence process and address any lender findings

Additionally, businesses that have outgrown their existing lending relationships or businesses that are now more creditworthy than the last time they obtained financing may be underfunded or might be paying above-market interest rates.

The assistance KCP delivers can take many forms depending on the situation, including:

  • Covenant violation waivers and restructured covenants
  • Standstill agreements on principal and interest payments
  • Renegotiated term debt structures inline with cash flow
  • Subordination of senior debt
  • Settlement of debt obligations for amounts discounted from face value
  • Conversion of part or all debt obligations to equity

KCP professionals have helped manyclients reach successful outcomes. Please visit our Case Studies and Tombstones page for more information.