Financial Advisory

At times, a company’s performance falls short of previously plans or expected targets. One solution is to realign the existing debt structure with the business’s ability to support its debt service requirements or to obtain new financing. In situations where a client’s lenders and investors are concerned about uncertainties, it pays to have a third party involved that has years of experience dealing with these situations. Our in-depth knowledge of the capital markets, combined with our close relationships with private equity, mezzanine capital and senior debt sources, ensures that our clients obtain the best possible terms from its lenders and investors and/or find the right new financial partner. KCP creates a credible financial structure for each client and custom tailors each solution to the specific needs of our clients.

KCP critically reviews existing forecasts and/or works with our client to prepare forecasts that accurately project a client’s financial performance and capital requirements. We work with management to critique plans to further improve the company’s performance, and present recommendations on a capital structure that the business can support based on current market conditions.

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