Forensic Analysis & Litigation Support

The professionals at KCP are reputable and knowledgeable resources for Forensic Analysis and Litigation Support matters. Our bankruptcy and insolvency advisors have provided material support for successful outcomes on numerous client engagements.

KCP’s senior team includes Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE) with proven expertise in the subject of fraud. The CFE credential recognizes knowledge in Fraud Prevention and Detection, Fraudulent Financial Transactions, Fraud Investigation, and Legal Elements of Fraud.


“Forensic” means being able to meet the exacting standards of a court of law with relevant and reliable results delivered from sound scientific methodology. To be considered “scientific methodology”, the methods must be empirically tested, subjected to peer review and professional standards, and generally accepted by the relevant professional community.

Litigation Support

Litigation Support involves fully understanding the case, comprehensive analysis of evidence using accepted methods, the quantification of economic damages, and the clear communication of the expert’s findings and opinions. The main difference between litigation support services and other accounting or consulting services is that litigation services involve an actual or potential dispute between two or more parties.